Calendar and CRM Permissions in Meetingflow

Why is Meetingflow asking for access to my calendar? 

By enabling the integration to your Microsoft or Google calendar, Meetingflow can automatically pull information about the event into your Meetingflow, such as the event date/time, invitees, and their RSVP status. The Meetingflow information will automatically update if the calendar details change. Calendar connections also enable the ability to open Meetingflow directly from your calendar event, so anyone collaborating can have one-click access to the plan for that meeting. 

Why is Meetingflow asking for access to my CRM?

With CRM access to Hubspot or Salesforce, you can quickly log a meeting, update an opportunity or account, manage leads and contacts, or use the deal pipeline view to quickly scrub through and update your deals in one fell swoop.

Can I still use Meetingflow without calendar or CRM permissions?

Absolutely, there's still benefits to using Meetingflow without granting these permissions, however many of the features and time-savings automation are powered by these integrations. We strongly recommend integrating your calendar, and CRM (or just calendar if you don't use a CRM at all) to get the most out of Meetingflow.

Calendar Permissions

Features with and without calendar access

With calendar permissions

  • Automatically populate meeting plans with event data (attendee list, event date/time, video conference link) even if it the calendar event is updated
  • Prevent duplicative efforts by ensuring only one Meetingflow is created per calendar event

Without calendar permissions

  • Manually create ad-hoc Meetingflows and add each individual attendee. If the calendar event time or attendee list changes, you must manually update the Meetingflow
  • Harder for collaboration - you must double check someone else hasn't created a Meetingflow for that event already

CRM Permissions

Features with and without CRM access

With CRM permissions

  • Enable ability to log a meeting or update an opportunity from the same screen as your meeting notes. AI quickly drafts a meeting summary based on the content of your notes to post to your CRM
  • Flag any meeting attendees who are not already in your CRM and add to CRM from Meetingflow
  • See what meetings happened and were logged to CRM
  • Access the Pipeline Editor view for rapid batch updates and AI driven insights 

Without CRM permissions

  • Distill your meeting notes into a summary, log a meeting directly in your CRM
  • Update opportunities one at a time in CRM
  • No insight if a meeting happened but wasn't logged to CRM
  • Unable to leverage Pipeline Editor for fast, high volume updates with automated deal insights

Where can I read more?

Meetingflow is secure and we take privacy seriously - access permissions are in your control and can be revoked at any time. Refer to our Privacy and Security pages.

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