Notes not needed: AI Note Taker

Let Meetingflow record your calls to get automatic notes and summaries across every platform.

Connect in seconds for your next meeting and get automatic notes, summaries, and AI Chat

15 seconds to meeting bliss

15 seconds to meeting bliss

15 seconds to meeting bliss

Who has the time to watch hours of recordings?

Meetingflow AI Note Taker summarizes your meetings, gives you in-depth answers and insights, and lets you follow up quickly.

Just ask our AI chat:

  • “How’d the call go?”
  • “What were the key objections?”
  • “Draft a proposal based on the call”

Built to optimize your customer meetings

Notes when you need them

Some meetings aren’t meant to be recorded. Get collaborative notes when you don’t want to record and keep everything organized together.

Be prepared to be prepared

Easily refer to past meetings, recordings, and summaries when preparing for your next meeting. Meetingflow has everything you need in one place.

Follow-up is a breeze

Save time and connect directly with Hubspot and Salesforce to quickly update deals, accounts, and leads.

Plus, log meetings, send AI meeting summaries, and draft follow-up emails instantly.

Your next meeting will be your best

  • Free to start, no credit card required 
  • No downloads or installations
  • Works on all platforms
  • Secure