Sales and Client Notes Done Right

📝 Say goodbye to messy notes everywhere, say hello to the customer notes solution teams love. 

  • Connected: Seamless connection to Salesforce, HubSpot and calendars to efficiently log calls and manage client call notes.
  • Collaborative: Real-time collaboration on meeting plans, agendas, customer notes, and action items. Smart search and sharing.
  • Best-practice infused: Better prep with meeting plans and templates. Better follow-up with summaries, follow-up emails, and more. 

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Unleash your team's potential with best practices.

Switch to Meetingflow for client notes and experience the benefits of streamlined collaboration, better CRM data, and increased customer success.

Before the meeting

More prep in less time with:

  • Create meeting plans in one click from calendar
  • Meeting plans list attendees with LinkedIn 
  • Real-time collaboration with teammates
  • Automatically surfaces related notes, attendee news and more

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During the meeting

Consistent, high-quality execution with:

  • Collaborative note-taking
  • Action item management
  • Refer to open opportunities, account plans, and more

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After the meeting

Keep the momentum going with the seamless ability to log a call to salesforce or HubSpot, summarize your client notes for slack or CRM and have AI-draft a customer meeting follow-up email.  

In under 2 minutes, see how your team can

  • Share a meeting summary to Slack
  • Update an opportunity
  • Log a call to CRM with meeting notes
  • Send a customer thank you follow-up

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Feel organized and never wonder where customer notes are again

Meetingflow automatically organizes your sales and client notes. Plus, global search enables searching by company, contact, and keywords to pull up notes based on attendees, meeting names, or even topics discussed! 

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