AI Meeting Assistant: Turn Meetings Into Momentum 

Meetingflow helps you be better prepared, more engaged and follow up faster. 

AI Note Taker with automatic summaries

Engage customers better by letting AI do the work. Our AI Note Taker can:

  • Transcribe calls and take meeting notes
  • Generate and share meeting summaries to Slack and your CRM
  • Automatically organize your meetings by attendees, topics, and companies
  • Connect with anyone, anywhere, on a variety of platforms (Zoom, Teams, Meet, and more)

Meetingflow AI Chat: your customer meeting copilot

Optimized for customer meetings, Meetingflow AI Chat combines the power of GPT with our own AI magic to help you:

  • Be prepared with attendee and company bios, discovery questions, and agenda tips
  • Fully engage in the conversation with information at your fingertips
  • Automatically draft sales proposals, follow-up emails, and more

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Great meetings start with a plan

Show up better prepared, more organized, and on point with collaborative meeting plans and client notes.

  • Create collaborative meeting plans that connect to everyone's calendar
  • Use pre-built templates for faster prep and better outcomes
  • Quickly draft your own agenda (or let AI do it for you)
  • Take notes for the moments that can't be recorded
  • Notes automatically organized by attendee and company
  • Turn your notes into actionable follow-ups with AI-generated summaries and personalized follow-up emails

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Be your boss’ best friend with swift CRM updates

Full-featured CRM update solution that ensures your deals are always up-to-date.

  • Add attendees as contacts in your CRM with one click.
  • Update Salesforce Opportunities, Accounts, and Leads
  • Update HubSpot Deals and Companies 
  • Easily log your meetings
  • Update as you go or use our AI pipeline manager to update all at once
  • Set up custom fields like meeting outcomes or MEDDPICC insights in seconds. No expensive consultants are required.

It seems unbelievable - until you try it

Who needs expensive, complicated software and lengthy setup processes? Meetingflow is easy, quick, and secure.

Zero hassle to start

  • No downloads, nothing to install
  • $0 to start, no credit card required
  • Just click here (we also offer live support)

Zero setup

  • Use it in your next meeting in seconds!
  • Works with most modern team tools: Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Salesforce, Hubspot, Google Calendar, and Microsoft 365

Zero code customization required

  • No IT or code required to configure custom fields, templates, or plans

Zero concerns