How to Create a CRM Preset

What is a CRM Preset?

A CRM Preset is a customized group of CRM fields that appears as the default fields for a user to update. This is helpful if you have different functions/roles using Meetingflow that are responsible for updating a different set of fields. The preset determines the fields available when updating directly from a Meetingflow, as well as the pipeline view

For example, a CSM responsible for overall customer health, and retention might be responsible for updating different CRM fields on the same record as a sales AE.

How do I create a CRM Preset?

A Meetingflow Workspace admin must first configure the CRM presets within the Integrations > Configure section of the admin panel. If you do not already have your CRM connected, please see step 3 here.

Click the "+" button to create a new CRM preset. You can select any fields from the supported objects.

How do users apply a CRM preset?

After an admin creates different presets, individual users must select the preset in their user preferences from the "Your Workspace Preferences" from the top right dropdown in order to change their default. See this article for more details on selecting your user default set.