How to do MEDDPICC with Meetingflow

Learn about the MEDDPICC Sales Framework, discover its challenges, and implement it successfully with tools from Meetingflow.

Challenges of MEDDPICC

You’re probably familiar with the basics of the MEDDPICC sales methodology and how it can drive discipline into the sales process:

Metrics: Measurable results or KPIs the prospect expects to achieve.
Economic Buyer: The critical decision-maker with budget control.
Decision Criteria: Factors the prospect will use to evaluate proposed solutions.
Decision Process: The prospect’s internal path to making a decision.
Paper Process: Steps to finalize a purchase, including legal, contracting, security, etc.
Identified Pain: Key challenges your solution addresses.
Champion: The main advocate within the prospect’s organization.
Competition: Alternatives the prospect is considering.

But the question is, what keeps you from applying the MEDDPICC framework successfully? 

4 Key Challenges of Implementing MEDDPICC

There are four key challenges teams frequently encounter when implementing the MEDDPICC sales method. Here, we’ll take a look at those challenges and how Meetingflow helps you overcome them.

Poor MEDDPICC Sales Process Integration

MEDDPICC works best when applied thoughtfully throughout the sales process. This goes beyond MEDDPICC training; it means using the framework to evaluate progress along the entire deal cycle.

For example: 

  • With discovery meetings, you might ask about identified pain points, customer metrics, or economic buyers. 
  • For demo meetings, you might want to focus more on decision criteria and paper process questions. 

If you don’t consider your sales motion and how to bring aspects of MEDDPICC into the various stages, even with expensive MEDDPICC training, you won’t get the value. 

Getting CRM Updates

Regular CRM updates are challenging enough without adding eight MEDDPICC fields. Teams often find updating the CRM cumbersome or time-consuming. Without careful discipline, maintaining good CRM hygiene becomes a pipe dream (pun slightly intended).

Building Consistency and Habit Formation

The key to MEDDPICC sales methodology is consistent, knowledgeable application. Last-minute scrambling and low-quality updates before deal reviews won’t cut it.

Inefficient Collaboration, Learning, and Coaching

Finally, effective deal management requires constant collaboration and clear insights into meetings and deal stages. A disorganized approach to customer meetings leads to poor insight which hinders success.

How to Successfully Implement MEDDPICC with Meetingflow

Meetingflow helps you overcome these challenges and others.

1. CRM Integration

You can add MEDDPICC fields from your CRM into Meetingflow with just a few clicks. Then you can easily:

  • Refer to MEDDPICC fields when preparing for meetings (or even during a meeting!). 
  • Update MEDDPICC fields as you go - right next to your meeting plan, recording, and notes. You can easily update your fields as you get MEDDPICC insights. No need to wait for later.
  • Conduct pipeline reviews and updates. View your whole pipeline with your MEDDPICC fields and use it to plan your next steps.

Learn more about how to improve CRM adoption in Meetingflow.

2. MEDDPICC Meeting Templates 

Meeting templates empower your reps with cheat sheets and critical questions tailored to each deal stage. This helps bake MEDDPICC into every meeting and the overall deal lifecycle.

Plus, Meetingflow templates can trigger AI to automatically generate MEDDPICC-appropriate questions tailored to your business, helping your sales people be prepared every time.

3. AI Note-taking

Increase meeting win rates by using our AI Note Taker. This enables reps to stay engaged during meetings as it takes notes. Not only does AI Note Taker let reps handle less busy work, it also ensures no detail is missed.

4. AI Analysis for Coaching

Meetingflow's AI Chat makes it fast to track and understand what’s going on in sales meetings. 

Even better, our AI and Meeting templates make it fast, efficient, and (dare we say?) fun to get MEDDPICC insights from past meetings.

Incorporating MEDDPICC can revolutionize your sales approach. But as with all things, it comes with challenges. With Meetingflow, you get a next-generation way to bring MEDDPICC into the sales process that helps reps drive sales while minimizing busy work. And deal by deal, that can make all the difference.

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