Types of Meetingflows: Event Based vs Ad Hoc

There are 2 types of Meetingflows you can create:

  1. From an event on your calendar
  2. Ad-hoc (you want to take notes from an unscheduled conversation)
    1. Ad-hoc Meetingflows are helpful for impromptu calls, or unexpected meetings such as working a conference

Meetingflow Type


Accessible From

How to edit date/time or attendees

How attendees are added to the Meetingflow

Show up in associated Meetigflows?

Attendee information added to Meetingflow

Event Based

Created from a calendar event

  • Calendar
  • Meetingflow dashboard
  • Meetingflow library

Only if calendar event changes

Automatically from calendar invite


Automatically as soon as a Meetingflow is created

Ad Hoc

Manually created as needed

Meetingflow library

Can directly edit on the ad-hoc Meetingflow


Will only associate if a contact was manually added to the Meetingflow

As soon as a contact is manually added to the Meetingflow

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