Billing FAQ

Meetingflow Billing Information 

Your subscription fees are directly connected to the number of paid seats (users) in your Workspace, where Admin and Creator type seats are paid user seats. 

How billing works on a monthly subscription

Your credit card on file is automatically charged at the end of each 30-day subscription period for paid users in the previous month.

The billing date is the anniversary of the date that you first convert to a paid plan (e.g. if you exceed 50 meeting flows on Sept 10th, you will be charged on the 10th each month) 

  • Seats can be added or removed at any time under the monthly plan
  • Net seat downgrades will be effective the following month

How billing works on a yearly subscription

Yearly subscriptions are billed in advance and adhere to payment terms outlined in our Terms of Service and your applicable invoice.

  • Payment can be made via credit card or ACH 

Annual subscription fees are calculated based on the number of users committed to at the time of sign-up or transition to an annual plan from a monthly plan.

  • Annual user commitments are in place for the full subscription period. Therefore, there can be unused seats but no refunds. 
  • Additional users above the initial commitment can be added on an ongoing basis and will be prorated to the annual subscription term.
    • the prorated amount for any extra added seats will be automatically charged to your card on file at the time of upgrade or invoiced (due upon receipt)

If you need to downgrade the extra seats you purchased, please contact

How seats (users) can affect your billing

Adding new seats 

If you add new members (seats) to your Workspace, you will be charged immediately for any extra added seats. Annual licenses will be pro-rated for the remainder of the annual term.

Example: Adding users on Annual license

If you purchase additional seats on August 1st and your next annual renewal is Oct 10. You will we charged the annual rate per seat/365 * 71 days on August 1st.

Removing seats

Example: removing users on a Monthly license: 

All paid users in a 30 day billing cycle are charged for. Removing a seat will not impact the current billing cycle, but will reflect in the following billing cycle.

Example: removing users on a Yearly license: 

If you remove a seat above your original commitment, you will receive a prorated credit to your account equal to the unused days remaining in your subscription period. 

  • For example, the renewal date of your annual subscription is Oct 10. You remove a seat on Aug 1. The prorated credit for the seat would be equal to: 
  • Credits are applied to any paid seat additions on a rolling basis. A credit equal to the unused time and unused credits at the point of renewal will be applied to the next renewal invoice or forfeited if the annual subscription is not renewed. 


Subscription termination is effective at the end of the subscription period as outlined in our Terms of Service.

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