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  • Find a meeting attendee, company, or rep, to quickly see associated meetings
  • Stay on top of trends and search past meeting notes for specific topics
  • Search anything to return results from past meeting context, attendee lists, and contact notes 

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Stop searching. Start finding.

Customer intelligence at your fingertips with easy to use, robust search capabilities 

Related results across all customer meeting context

Reps can search companies, contacts, or keywords to find related results. Related results can match to a meeting name, meetings an attendee was part of, or even a topic within meeting notes.

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Intelligent matching

Meetingflow search is more than just a rote keyword match. Have a new rep getting up to speed on an account? Search for a contact and watch the AI suggest results such as a contact page, meetings they attended, deals they are involved in, and if they're mentioned in any meeting notes (even meeting notes owned by a different rep!) - they might find something they didn't know they were looking for.

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Sophisticated search capabilities

Refine search results by a specific attribute, or use basic boolean operators for results with pinpoint accuracy...Google docs can't do that.

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