CRM Hygiene

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  • Effortless updates to account or opportunity fields
  • Log a call and call notes within a streamlined workflow
  • Reps never have to leave their meeting workflow to keep CRM records fresh

Stop asking if the CRM is updated.

Because it is.

CRM updates faster than you can ask

Meetingflow makes it easy and fast to update the CRM as you go, so reps can have meeting notes summarized, the call logged, and opportunity fields updated before their next meeting even starts.

No credit card required.

Never miss a new lead

CRM hygiene goes beyond logging calls and updating opportunities. Meetingflow will flag any meeting invitees who are not already in your CRM, so valuable new leads are identified and updated before the meeting kicks off.

No credit card required.

No credit card required.

Summaries as easy as a summer's breeze

AI generated summaries generate and can be logged right to your CRM as call notes in seconds.  "I didn't have a chance to log it" is a thing of the past (yep, the AI writes it for you).

No credit card required.

Redefine your Fridays

Ready to stop chasing down those mass Friday CRM updates?  Meetingflow makes it simple for reps to update as they go and avoid the need for bulk updates, but the world isn't perfect. Quickly see which meetings happened but have not been logged, and watch your former CRM requests become requirements.

No credit card required.