CRM Hygiene

Better data, faster updates, less pain.

  • Effortlessly update standard and custom fields in Salesforce and HubSpot
  • Log a meeting with summaries, notes, and call transcript topics in seconds
  • Keep your CRM records fresh without leaving your meeting workflow

Stop asking if the CRM is updated.

Because it is.

CRM updates faster than you can ask for them

Meetingflow makes it easy to update Salesforce and HubSpot as you go, so reps have meeting notes summarized, calls logged, recordings linked, and opportunity fields updated before their next meeting even starts.

No credit card required.

Never miss a new lead

CRM hygiene goes beyond logging calls and updating opportunities. Meetingflow flags any meeting invitees who still need to be added to your CRM so you can identify and update valuable new leads before the meeting kicks off.

No credit card required.

No credit card required.

Managing pipelines doesn't have to be a pipe dream

  • Update multiple Salesforce and HubSpot opportunities in one fell swoop

  • GPT AI insights and Pipeline Coach flag deals that need attention

  • Follow up and keep deals moving forward

No credit card required.

Your next meeting will be your best

  • Free to start, no credit card required 
  • No downloads or installations
  • Works on all platforms
  • Secure