For Sales and CS managers

Why do managers love Meetingflow?

Meetingflow is designed specifically for sales and CS teams to streamline every aspect of the customer meeting process, driving better preparation, seamless follow ups, and ultimately more wins with customers. 

Save reps hours per week

Meetingflow saves 5-15 minutes from every meeting by automating meeting prep, assisting with customer follow ups, and making CRM/pipeline management a breeze.

Best practices in every sales meeting

Meetingflow drives consistent, high quality meeting preparation and execution into every meeting, from collaborative prep through follow up.

Better CRM adoption for better visibility and data

Meetingflow makes updating opportunities and logging calls fast and easy to do as meetings happen, so reps will actually do it - Your revenue forecast has never been so accurate, because your data has never been so accurate.

Streamlined collaboration

Meetingflow makes collaborating easy and efficient on meeting prep, delivery, and follow-ups. No more duplicate docs, or "which version is that...?" Quickly share meeting summaries via Slack or email so teams are up to speed even if they weren't in the meeting.

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"Love it. We can collaborate on meeting plans and get all our notes into Salesforce. Love the Friday emails!"

-Linda Brown, VP of Sales

Better and faster does exist

with a tool your team will actually want to use.

Before the meeting

Reps are more prepared in less time with:

  • Automatically created meeting plans, shared with internal attendees
  • Turnkey collaboration with teammates
  • Past meeting notes next to the current plan

Start now for free. No credit card required.

Start now for free. No credit card required.

During the meeting

Reps deliver consistent, high quality execution with:

  • Collaborative note-taking
  • Action item management

Start now for free. No credit card required.

Start now for free. No credit card required.

After the meeting

Reps keep meeting momentum going with time saving AI generated meeting  summaries

In under 2 minutes, see how your team can

  • Share a meeting summary to Slack
  • Update an opportunity
  • Log a call to CRM with meeting notes
  • Send a customer thank you follow-up

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1:1s and Coaching

Reps up-level their coaching with:

  • Pipeline Insights to highlight deals needing attention. 1:1 time can be used for more strategic conversations than"can you update the close date?" 
  • Pipeline Coach which reads key deal information giving reps context they might have missed

Managers up-level their coaching by:

  • Pipeline Coach tips to guide deal discussion topics
  • View specific rep pipelines for easy review
  • Weekly email digests to stay on top of what meetings happened

Start now for free. No credit card required.