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Energy and Utilities Sales Meetingflow


This Meetingflow is designed to help sales representatives effectively prepare, execute, and follow up on sales meetings with Energy and Utilities companies. The Meetingflow aims to optimize meetings to drive sales success and collaboration.


  1. Familiarize yourself with the specific challenges and trends affecting the Energy and Utilities industry
  2. Understand the company's current and potential future energy sources and resources.
  3. Come prepared with case studies or success stories relevant to the client's situation.
  4. Speak the language of the industry – know common technical terms and jargon.


Meeting type: Sales

Target Industry: Energy and Utilities

Meeting type: in-person or Video Conference

CRM: Salesforce, HubSpot

Meeting Template

Meeting Prep steps:
- Review the target company's current projects, energy sources and needs, and industry trends
- Research the attendees, their roles, and background
- Update CRM with any new contact information found (/product/crm-review)

Meeting Plan/Agenda:
Introduction and rapport building
2. Review of the company's current energy and utility situation
3. Presentation of vendor solutions, including case studies
4. Demonstrate how vendor solutions can address the company's needs and objectives
5. Address any concerns or objections
6. Discuss next steps and timelines

Meeting Notes Outline:
Attendees and their roles
- Company's current energy and utility situation
- Presented vendor solutions
- Major concerns and objections raised
- Agreed-upon next steps and timelines

Follow-up Steps:
- Send a personalized meeting follow-up email using AI_email (/product/AI_Emails)
- Update CRM with meeting outcomes, including any action items, using CRM_updater (/product/CRMUpdate)
- Share the AI-generated meeting summary with relevant team members using Slack (/product/Slack)
- Schedule any necessary follow-up meetings and inform the attendees

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Meetingflow Building Blocks

Prepare with Attendee review

Review Past Meetings

CRM Review

AI Call Recording

Create and share AI Meeting Summary

Send AI Generated Meeting Emails

Update CRM 

Update Slack

Track Action items

Use Customer Meeting AI CoPilot


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- Slack: