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Marketing Agency Consultant Discovery Meeting with VP Marketing


A Meetingflow designed for consultants at a marketing agency conducting a sales discovery meeting with a VP Marketing at an industrials company. The goal of this meeting is to understand the potential client's needs and pain points, identify marketing and sales synergy, and explore potential collaboration opportunities.


  • Research industry trends and the company's marketing campaigns to understand their target audience.
  • Be ready to showcase your agency's expertise and success stories in similar situations.
  • Focus on building rapport and demonstrating active listening, to better position a tailored solution.
  • Context

    Meeting type: Discovery meeting

    Target Industry: industrials

    Vendor Industry: Marketing

    Meeting type: in-person or Video Conference

    CRM: Salesforce, Hubspot

    Meeting Template

    Meeting Prep steps:

    • Review attendee's LinkedIn and company website
    • Understand the company's past marketing initiatives, successes, and challenges
    • Prepare industry insights and marketing trends relevant to the prospect
    • Review agency portfolio and case studies related to the industrial domain

    Meeting Plan/Agenda:

    1. Introduction
    2. Company's marketing journey and current initiatives
    3. Engage in open discussion, explore pain points, and potential marketing synergies
    4. Showcase agency expertise with relevant case studies
    5. Discuss potential collaboration opportunities
    6. Next steps

    Meeting Notes Outline:

    • Attendee background and role
    • Key marketing initiatives and pain points
    • Opportunities for synergy with the agency
    • Relevant case studies discussed
    • Potential collaboration opportunities
    • Agreed next steps/action items

    Follow-up Steps:

    • Generate AI meeting summary and review
    • Update Salesforce with meeting insights, contact information, and qualified opportunity
    • Send follow-up email to VP Marketing summarizing the discussion and clarify the next steps
    • Post meeting summary to Slack channel for internal team awareness
    • Schedule follow-up meeting with the prospect and internal team
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    Meetingflow Building Blocks

    Prepare with Attendee review

    Review Past Meetings

    CRM Review

    AI Call Recording

    Create and share AI Meeting Summary

    Send AI Generated Meeting Emails

    Update CRM 

    Update Slack

    Track Action items

    Use Customer Meeting AI CoPilot


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